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    Geo Tracker Frame Repair

    August 13, 2019
    geo tracker frame repair

    geo tracker frame repair

    I have to have the frame replaced on the frame crossmember that holds the front suspesion in place. it is rotted off on one . frame repair on 98 Tracker . 1997 Geo Tracker, 2dr convertible/hardtop, 1.6, 16v, 5 spd manual, 4wd I have a pair of Tracker convertibles. a 93 and a 95. The front frame tube on the 93 is completely disconnected from the frame. The 95 is close behind. I had a similar problem last year (but with rear chassis – however, my Tracker body doesn’t look nearly as good as yours). . 96 “sport” 3spd auto 1.6 16v 2dr geo tracker all stock but here we have MVI every 2 years, used to be every year, Any repairs have to be welded in, no bondo or JB weld allowed. There is a 2003 Chevy Tracker with what looks like a beautiful body locally for $500.00. The immediate problems? A shock mount has disintegrated, and a rust hole in the front frame member. . I’d repair the frame and bracket. My beater Geo Tracker adventure. . I’ll get some interior shots up later, but it’s a 94 Geo Tracker, soft top, 5 speed, 4×4, with 160k miles on it. Originally an Ohio . Topless in summer, 4×4 for the snow, rwd and an actual frame. No lack of One of the few repair panels I can find for these is a rocker panel. Classic 2 Current Fabrication is proud to be a trusted manufacturer and retailer of GEO Tracker rust repair panels and replacement auto body panels. Our extensive inventory of floor pans make it simple to find the part you need to get your . 2016/12/05 – You can replace the subframe (aka engine cradle). I did one on a Ford 500, cost was about $400. The subframe is actually less, I paid a mechanic buddy to help. The engine and transmission need to be supported, the .

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